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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

What is Anti Wrinkle Treatment?


The most effective treatment for forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet! The repeated movement of facial muscles over time causes the skin to crease constantly in the same places. This is how facial lines appear and as we get older they become deeper and more noticeable. We use injections of Botulinum Toxin to relax the muscle movement and once this movement is restricted, the skin no longer creasse and lines begin to fade!

How long does it take?


Your appointment will be around 30 minutes in total. You'll have a full consultation to ensure that you're suitable and we'll go over your medical history to ensure that there's nothing that could prevent you from having treatment (this is totally confidential). The actual treatment and delivery of the relevant aftercare advice will then take around 10 minutes.

When will I see the results?

You'll start to feel muscles being restricted after about one week, the full effects of the treatment after two weeks. If you find that after two weeks, muscle movement hasn't been restricted fully, a review/topup appointment will be available but this can't be arranged more than three weeks post treatment.


Will there be any bruising/swelling?


Yes, as with all injectable treatments, there is always the possibility of some redness, slight swelling/bruising following the procedure.


How long will it last?

Everyone is different so results vary between clients. Lifelstyle, metabolism, skin type and other factors all have an effect but we would normally say that it's around 12 weeks before you notice that muscle movement is beginning to return.

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