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Dermaplane Treatment

What is Dermaplaning?


This is a superb skin exfoliation treatment! We use a surgical blade to gently remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the face. If you've never had this done before, you'll be shocked at what is removed! After the procedure you'll love how soft and smooth your skin feels, any products that you use will penetrate more effectively and if you wear makeup, it'll look better than ever!

How long does it take?


Your appointment will be around 30 minutes in total. You'll have a consultation to ensure that you're suitable and we'll go over your medical history to ensure that there's nothing that could prevent you from having treatment (this is totally confidential). The actual treatment and delivery of the relevant aftercare advice will then take around 20 minutes.

When will I see the results?


IYou will see the results straight after treatment!


Will there be any bruising/swelling?


No bruising or swelling will be experienced after the treatment, just a warm glow on the skin!

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