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Fat Dissolving

What is Fat Dissolving?


Do you have unwanted fat that you want to be rid of? This treatment is great for helping with those stubborn areas that often stick around even with exercise and a healthy diet. We use an injectable solution which is placed directly into the fatty tissues on the body or under the chin, it spreads, surrounds the fat cells and permanently destroys them. Once they die, they are then safely removed as waste through the bodies lymphatic system. This treatment is clinically proven!

How long does it take?


Your appointment will be around 30 minutes in total but can be a little more if larger areas require treatment. You'll have a full consultation to ensure that you're suitable and we'll go over your medical history to ensure that there's nothing that could prevent you from having treatment (this is totally confidential). The actual treatment and delivery of the relevant aftercare advice will then take around 10 minutes.

When will I see the results?


The results aren't instant like with other treatments that we offer - We say to wait around 8 to 10 weeks before assessing your results. Depending on the quantity of fat that requires removal, more than one session maybe needed.


Will there be any bruising/swelling?


Yes, as with all injectable treatments, there is always the possibility of some redness, swelling or bruising following the procedure. Please bare this in mind if you're having treatment under the chin, it's best to allow a couple of weeks before attending any events post treatment!

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