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Vampire Treatment

What is Vampire Treatment?


An amazing treatment for your skin made famous by Kim Kardashian! We use a derma roller full of tiny needles to cause a micro trauma to the skin. This triggers the bodies natural healing response which promotes new collagen production! We take a small amount of a clients own blood, spin it in a machine which separates the white blood cells. We then apply the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) on to the skin which enhances the treatment further! Your skin becomes tighter, elasticity is improved and a noticeable difference in your complexion can be seen very soon after! This treatment helps with fine lines, spots, scarring and pigmentation!

How long does it take?


Your appointment will be around 40 minutes in total. You'll have a full consultation to ensure that you're suitable and we'll go over your medical history to ensure that there's nothing that could prevent you from having treatment (this is totally confidential).

When will I see the results?


Your skin may feel dry for the first couple days but please use moisturiser as advised and follow the aftercare that is provided by your practitioner. After 2-3 days you will love how good your skin feels!


Will there be any bruising/swelling?


There is always the possibility of a bruise where blood is taken from your arm. There will be no bruising or swelling on your face, just slight redness (more of a glow) straight after the treatment.

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